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Home movies, videos and slides transferred to DVD

With our partner we offer our customer a professional transfer service of your old videos, films, slides and photos all can be scanned and put onto DVD. Saving your precious memories to be shared for generations to come. Bring in your film or videos, we will pack it up and get it off to the professionals, they will copy the information onto DVD's and send the originals and copy's back. They usually return the finished product in about a week.

A fantastic way to save family treasures, create a perfect gift for that hard to buy for person

When we transfer film to DVD there is an 100 ft. minimum transfer to DVD. Free music is included if there is no sound on film. No additional cost for splicing or transfer of sound.

No more projectors or screens. No more burnt out bulbs, broken belts or chewed film. With our film to dvd process that includes 8mm to DVD, you can now view your family's home movies with the convenience of DVD.

  • 20+ years of experience
  • Fast turnaround
  • High quality on all film to dvd transfers
  • 8mm to DVD
  • 16mm to DVD
  • Super 8mm to DVD

Now you can watch your family slides without the hassles of projectors or screens. Viewing past vacations, weddings, and other special events is now as simple as watching a movie on your DVD player.

When you transfer slides to DVD, any slide format can be transferred. Metal, glass, cardboard, stereo slides or other; we accept all formats of slides.

Slides are set to music. Each slide is held on screen for approximately 7 seconds before dissolving into the next. Package includes dissolves between slides and free music. Approximately 1,000 slides will fit on a 2-hour DVD.       

Video to DVD transfers allows for your old VHS or mini DV recording tapes to be transferred over to a more up to date media format. VHS players have long been replaced by the DVD players and it is getting harder and harder to find anyone who even carries, let alone repairs VHS players. By using our transfer video to DVD process, you can maintain your favorite home footage for years to come. Video to DVD services allow us to safely transfer your files to more readily acceptable media formats in an affordable manner. Many Americans still have their old VHS collection of family footage. Whether you have wedding videos, vacation videos, birthday videos, birthing videos, or any other sentimental videos, we can use our video to DVD process and ensure your videos are transferred.

When you transfer video to DVD, you are taking the best of older formats and bringing them over to also take advantage of the best of new formats. VHS's, PAL VHS's, and Mini DV's all served their purpose appropriately during their run as media storage devices. Technology has updated, but that does onot mean you should be stuck holding onto outdated formats. Take advantage of our video to DVD process to update your favorite home videos. We even transfer PAL DVD's to standard DVD's.

We can transfer video to dvd from a wide variety of tape formats:

  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • Beta
  • 8mm Video
  • Mini DV
  • Mini DVD
  • Foreign conversions

Quantity Discounts for Video to DVD Transfers

Quantity discounts are available for those who want a large number of copies. These discounts depend on the length of the tape and the number of copies desired