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Copy/Printing Services

At Parcel Room we can scan and produce copies of documents to print or download to a disk or device.

Bring in paper documents and we will scan the pages. Afterward the full document can be downloaded to a disk or flash-drive or, using Wi-Fi, we can upload your document to email or a mobile device.

If you need documents printed, bring in the hard copies or digital copies and we will print the pages in black-and-white or color.
Paper Banners  12" x 48"

We can make paper banners for all occasions, business seminars, directions, welcome home, happy birthday. Whatever message you want on a banner we can print it. Text, graphics, logos, your choice in most cases we can have it ready in less than an hour.
Scanning Services

We are offering scanning services for our customers, bring in your documents we can scan them to file, disc or email. Need to print from a file, we an do that too! 

Banners and Signs 

We are working with local graphic artists and print shops with the goal to be your one stop business center, from printing your brochures to  your banners and even your large format photos on foam core.