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We Ship Wine!

Parcel Room is now able to ship wine! Thanks to a new partnership with another company, Parcel Room can legally ship wine to consumers. Due to licensing processes, most big brand shipping companies only ship wine from wholesalers and retailers to consumers. Parcel Room, on the other hand, is willing to work with individual consumers and wineries/ specialty wine shops to ship bottles of wine. So if you just found the perfect gift at a winery and want to mail it across state lines, come to Parcel Room and we will do our best to make it go away!


If you are interested in shipping wine, be sure to call us first; state regulations are highly variable and we cannot ship wine to all 50 states. Pricing also varies, so call ahead for an estimate.


If you are concerned about packaging wine, Parcel Room has you covered. We can specially construct boxes for shipping wine, depending on the desired volume.


When it comes to alcohol, including wine, shipment becomes fairly complicated. As a result, many packaging and shipping companies shy away from boozy cargo, but not Parcel Room. Since the repeal of Prohibition in 1933, the 21st Amendment has dictated that states have control over their own alcohol laws. State laws on shipping alcohol vary widely; some states enforce limitations on the volume of alcohol that can be shipped to and from citizens while dry counties prohibit the shipment of wine all together. Click here to see an interactive map detailing specific state regulations when it comes to shipping alcohol.

Parcel Room is shipping wine to 47 states