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Virtual Mailboxes FAQ

First, you need to sign up for a Private Mailbox with virtual mail added. Then you need to fill out and notarize a US Postal 1583 form. We have the forms as well as instructions and list of required ID on our Mailbox page This form is required by the U.S. Postal Service, this must be completed before we are allowed to handle your mail and package deliveries.
Your mail can be stored for as long as you need it. Holding of mail is free for the first 30 days, and if you need storage for a longer period of time, you can do so for a small additional monthly fee.

We accept mail, UPS, FedEx, DHL and even freight shipments. Our staff will sort the letter or packages and enter into our system and send you an email alert upon its arrival.

How do you know which letters I want opened.

We scan everything that comes into the box, if it is a package we will scan the front so you can get the information about who it'sf from. Magazines and catalogs we scan the cover, you decide to have it forwarded or shredded. We will scan and store your mail for a month, then you decide to have it forwarded or shredded. The forwarding is done at our regular rates, the shredding is included in your service.

Our mail forwarding service ensures that you receive only the packages and letters you really want. You simply choose which items you want, where and when you want them sent, and we'll forward them on to you at any destination in the world! You can choose the service level of forwarding from First Class, Priority Mail, Priority Express, UPS, FedEx and DHL. The cost for forwarding is $1.00 plus the our regular shipping rates for the service requested.

  Anything addressed specifically to your name will be delivered and will count towards your account limit. We can not run the risk of mistakenly destroying any mail that is wanted.

All First class (and up) mail disposed of in our facility is shredded.

  When adding an account for another person, they must fill out the US Postal 1583 form. If you will be receiving mail for an estate, please attach an executor’s letter as well.